Contact Tracing Check-in

Your Privacy Matters

Your privacy matters to us and we will keep your details safe & secure at all times, we will only share your details if it is deemed necessary to start the process of contact tracing as requested by NHS Test and Trace.

  1. We will only add your details to the check-in register for a duration of 21 days and then it will be fully deleted from our system.

  2. Only part of your data will be available to the business you have checked-in with as they will only have access to your name and check-in times and date.

  3. Your full phone number or email addresses will be kept private and hidden from view and only disclosed to NHS Test and Trace if requested with correct authorisation.

  4. We are not associated with, or affiliated to the NHS the Police or any other Third Party.

This check-in register is managed and maintained by Keynect 1 Oxnam Green Jedburgh TD8 6RX. We maintain a strict level of secure eCommerce and store your data in compliance of all relevant law, if you have any queries or concerns please contact Keynect.

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